Official Chamber is a service provided by Managed Media and Marketing Services. The goal is to add value to your local businesses through use of specific marketing strategies tailored for your business. You will learn immediately how to use tools such as Google Maps, Google Places, Social Media and Mobile Marketing to increase visibility of your business.

Hi ! My name is Matt Maginley, President of Managed Media Services and Marketing . Ask your local Chamber of Commerce leaders to invite me to help you increase sales by developing marketing strategies for you, without spending more money on advertising, and to get more free business services.

Since my goal is to increase the total revenue of each business in your area, the workshops will be done in groups. You’ve heard the expression, “All boats rise with the tide” – your business will benefit from these free workshops, and if everyone works on increasing their own business, all businesses in the┬ácommunity will benefit.

As an Official Chamber member, you have free and unrestricted access to all of the resources on this website. Everything is free to download, and use. All that we ask is that you keep these materials for your own business and please only share them with other Chamber members.

Your feedback, comments, likes and dislikes are a part of what is necessary to bring you exactly what you need in the form that you need it.