Hi my name is Matthew Maginley and I provide One-to-One business consulting that focuses on media and marketing services.

There is much uncertainty and frustration in the business world today. But your business , marketing plan, and media strategy are about to undergo a significant shift, towards greater success.

Marketing looks at the needs of end usersĀ  and aligns the knowledge and availability of products and services to meet those needs.

Media is used to distribute the message about the product or service to the end-user.

Today cloud computing creates more opportunities to handle media, marketing and ultimately your business better than ever before.

We are here to show you how that works on two levels.

Level one is an opportunity to have access to the best media and marketing tools available today via cloud computing to increase domestic revenues and profits.

Level two an opportunity to access global markets with partners who can provide you with finance, expertise and most importantly, the customers to drive your business forward.

Before we show you the “desktop utopia” one of the most important things to find out is – who has that role as being the champion of change in your organization?

We expect the President and executive board to be agents of change as far as increasing shareholder value, that’s their job. But more often than not, since they may not be stakeholders in IT, media or marketing on a day to day basis, the idea of a capital expense or increase in operating costs, to their eyes might be an obstacle to change.

Funding innovation tied to technology such as mobility, new devices, social media, and cloud technology is challenging, But it is exactly where the world is headed today – and as all of us know – where we are headed as consumers.

So how do you get your business to keep up?

We can access a forum for thought leaders and change champions. Facilitating the discussion between like minded stake holders in the United States and in the United Kingdom. It is an opportunity to gain expertise, and showcase your products and services to a new market.

As you become more knowledgeable about the new global opportunities, you will soon be seen a local authority on innovative business practices and sourcing. And as the demand for your products and services increases in you own local market so will revenues and profits.

Likewise UK businesss will look to you for you expertise and access to customers in your market that they might not be able to reach with a unique product or service Your contacts – people that you already know, like andĀ  trust and hopefully like -they might be a vendor, supplier, or member of your local chamber of commerce, or government leader, will be grateful to you for providing them with either new customers or knowledge to help drive their business.

Take a look at opentoexport.com and see what opportunities await you and your business.